Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Monday, November 27, 2017

Scrappy Quilt

My friend has been so good to help me get some more projects going for Christmas. Hoping that I can keep up with her and get them done. This is the scrappy quilt I am presently working on. It has a lot of variety and for an older boy I think he will really like it.

So I have 10 square across and am hoping to get 14 squares long making it a full twin, I am at about row 10! Yeah only 4 rows to go!. It isn't exactly perfect but I am still really happy with it. My corners don't all match. I am having a lot of fun getting it done and I know he will really like it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blessing Dress

Another blessing dress almost done for my grand daughter! Yeah!
Booties, headband and no scratch mitts to go with the dress.
Hi, I haven't blogged in a while, I have had 2 surgeries, last year back surgery. This year foot surgery, I can now walk around the house, nice! I have a new project I am working on. I used to make blessing dresses, but I haven't made any for a while. So here is how far I am, need to put the ribbons on the front and fasteners on the back. Made out of satin and sheer tricot with lots of lace and not as many ruffles as I used to do. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More finished items!

More projects I have been working on and finishing:

More really great pod casts!

More really great pod casts to watch:

Amy Edwards Green


She is just so very fun and tells so much about the yarns and projects! Love watching her

VeryPink Knitshttps://www.youtube.com/user/verypinkknits

 This lady just know so many techniques and has a really great way to show you anything you would like to learn. Her instructions are very clear and precise!

So if anyone out there can tell me more about yarn choices, I would be so very happy to learn!

My daughter passing. pod casts

This last year has been a very hard one! My youngest daughter with trisomy 18 passed away. She turn 18 about a month before passing away. It has been more of an adjustment than I was expecting. I had back surgery in August last year for ruptured discs. And thank goodness for the relief society program in my church, I had so very much help! I wasn't able to do much. I did however get some hot pads crocheted. They have had to help me again, had to have foot surgery and am sort of stuck in my house again. I have done some knitting, studied on Khanacademy.org, such and awesome site, so many different videos and so many fun things to learn. I also started watching pod casts on knitting, crocheting and sewing! Wow! So very interesting learning new ideas and new techniques. I have not knit or crocheted with any kind of wool. My children are all so very busy so I would like to learn about wash and dryable wool.
Watching these pod casts so far:

J's Knit and Purl Jam


Really fun lady! Has such an interesting way to knit! Love it! She is always so very happy and full of spark!

She definately loves what she is doing! And her sock are so beautiful. Very perky and fun to watch and love learning more about knitting!

A Homespun House

She is just so full of interesting information! And she seems so very sweet! I love that she explains about the yarns and techniques she uses and she is so full of life!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin hat

And for the latest project, and because it is Halloween a pumpkin hat is a must do! Sorry the color in the first picture is just bad! I made this from a pattern I had not tried before and just started casting on and knitting not really paying to much attention. The pattern was supposed to be a newborn size, not exactly newborn. But still such a cute pattern! Go here for the pattern:
This hat fit my almost 2 year old grand son, but it is so so cute! I will get a picture of him soon!

Sleep Sack

Just adding more pictures of projects
This is such a cute pattern, however I was in a hurry so I didn't do the cables. It is called the "The Cozy in Cables Sleep Sack'" For the pattern go here
My daughter said she enjoyed having this little sack, did not have this idea so much when my children were young. But then I was so much busier then. I really liked doing this project!

Receiving blankets

Another project: I just crocheted around a couple of flannel
blankets for my daughter and made some baby no scratch mitts, the pattern for the mitts i found on
Youtube. you can find the pattern here