Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waffle stitch Dishcloth

I have decided to crochet some dishcloths instead of knitting, this has been so much fun and very relaxing at night! You should try and enjoy! This dishcloth is done in the waffle stitch. And then I did a single crochet around the edge. variegated yellow, pink and green in

Lily Sugar 'n Cream

here is how to do the waffle stitch:

waffle stitch 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Passing July 4th

Time seems to go so quickly! We Went to the fireworks they were very pretty! It is so nice to have holidays to just enjoy yourself and family for a few moments in time.
It seems hard to keep motivated to get everything done. I haven't had a lot of sleep lately which doesn't help.
Making dishcloths for my daughter is fun and simple and such good therapy for the mind! I will post pictures soon just for fun.

Started a new job, just after moving in January. Moving was such a pain to say the least! The new job is at a care center for the elderly, everyone there seems to be pretty nice to work with and the residents are very nice as well.
Hope we can go to the fireworks on the 24th of this month that would be fun. Have a great day!