Monday, August 31, 2009

Cuff to cuff baby sweater

by Arlene Williams

knitted from the cuff to cuff for baby 
Pattern Here:  
I made this for my veternarians new baby boy,
this was my first cuff to cuff sweater.
It was fun and it worked up pretty fast!

The yellow socks are for Sabrina her feet get cold very easily.
These help to keep them a little warmer.
I really need to make more, they are great!
Here is the link for the pattern:

The blue easy knit slippers I learned how to make these when I was about 12. I have made a lot of these over the years. But this is the only pair I have a picture of.

This little green sweater I made for my neighbor, she had a little girl.
This sweater can be found all over the web, I was so suprised to see how many different colors and ideas have been used for this sweater.
Making this sweater was fun and fast.
5 Hour Baby Sweater

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